Nymphaea Sturtevantii Tropical Lily


Nymphaea Sturtevantii Tropical Water Lily

Nymphaea Sturtevantii, a HUGE Night blooming non-viviparous Tropical Water Lily. Bred by Stutevant 1884.

Will over winter in zones 9 to 11. Plant size is large. Flower is star shaped, light pink, 5 to 10 inches across. Pads are green and 6 to 14 inches across. Has about a 4 to 11 foot spread. Best to grow in 6 to 18 of water. Flowers are slighty fragrant and stand well above the waters surface. You can grow this one in a two or three gallon container. Good for earthen ponds as well. This plant will get really large if you let it. Sturtenantii has the potential of being the largest tropical. It will start blooming about 3 hours after sundown and will stay open until about 3 hours after sunup. Blooms will stay open until noon on cool cloudy days. Sturtevantii will tolerate shade especially in hotter climates. Best grown in full sun.

Requirements: Tropicals need warm water.
In general, use 70F degrees as an absolute minimum water temperature for planting to avoid the tuber loosing all of it's pads and falling into dormancy. It's better to wait a couple of weeks until your water is warmer than to take a chance on loosing the plant.

You will receive a well rooted, young plant that is already developing many lily pads.
This sale is for ONE yearling lily plant.