Standard & Butterfly Koi

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Please inquire about availability and pricing of tiny Koifish.

Each year, normally between May and July, our fish will breed and we can end up with several thousand tiny babies. In the past, we have sold the babies to people that wanted the opportunity to grow their own and buy very inexpensive koi. However, we have found that the survival rate of tiny fish is so small, (about 10% or less) that we did not have enough remaining the following year for our own needs.Our baby Koi reach 3-4 inches in size by the following February and we first offer them for sale at the Valley of the Sun Koi Show. You can get info about that show in January by searching the Internet on "Phoenix Koi Show".

The cost of shipping live fish has gone thru the roof, (about $50 S&H for a single overnight package), and the Arizona heat makes that risky, so we no longer ship live baby fish.

The 3-4" baby Standard and Butterfly Koi are priced in the $ 6-7 range and we usually have some on hand thruout the season. We always have some larger Koi available.
These fish are available for pickup only, no shipments.
Please call before stopping by as we sometimes have errands to run.

If you have Koi babies to sell, please contact Dick at (602) 369-5522