Pond Tips - Winter Predators


As the days get cooler and shorter, aquatic plants will descend into winter dormancy. Lilies will quit making pads and soon the waters surface will be open. This lack of surface coverage can put fish at greater risk of predator attack. Leaf netting put down for fall leaves can be left over the pond all winter to help protect your fish. It helps to stake down the edges to keep critters from crawling under. Other methods are stringing mesh over posts and constructing scarecrows to reduce predation by herons in the spring.

Some ideas work, others are useless. Most of the plastic junk sold in catalogs is crap that lasts one season or less. Electronics don't do well outside. And electronics housed in plastic have two strikes against them. Look for tried and tested equipment that is designed for heavy duty use. Farm catalogs carry a higher quality of products. Words like Stainless Steel and Ceramic get more points than Plastic, Glued and Pressed. Ask around your local pond group. If you don't have one, create one. You'd be surprised how many people love ponds. Manufacturers love to give free supplies to pond groups. A pond group booth at the county fair will find lots of like minded folks.

Predation is a natural function. Everything eats smaller things. Don't get mad, just find a way to defeat them.
Learn their habits, and enjoy watching the critters. They and you are all a part of nature.